Olga is a student mom. Loves web design, e-graphics and writing novels (so far in Russian). The last one (Cheetah and the Baby Lion) brought her to the finals of the biggest Russian young writers contest overtaking other 42 000 works. Occasionally publishes her articles in the “Welcome to Ukraine” magazine.
Sasha is a designer and photographer, loves long car journeys, comp art and taking pictures.

We listen to Enigma, Trance Atlantic Air Waves, Massive Atack, Yello, Chichane, Anderw Donalds, Pink Floyd, Robert Plant, Santana, Adriano Celentano, Vladimir Visotskiy.

Of course, we’ve met through the Internet. It all started in May 2000 when I was working for a French nuclear giant Framatome in the Kiev rep office and Alex was running his small printing business. We were both sure that it will not last long and that, of course, we will never have children.

The news about my pregnancy came right after we celebrated 9 months of living together and we got married July 28-th 2001, three days after my 20-th birthday, when I was 6 months preganant.

Julia She is the elder sister - our kids have one father but different mothers. She is 10 and studies in school and is a wonderful child - quiet, loves reading and playing computer games.
Grandma and Boris Our Grandma is a diplomate and just retuned home after four years in Estonia where she worked for the Ukrainian Embassy. Boris is an artist - his exhibitions were all over Europe.

Grandpa Alex ("Hi!") Our granddaddy theaches English in the university and works for several English magazines. He is the coolest and funniest grandaddy you can imagine.

Next-door-Julia Olga's best friend, works as an air-hostess, and is sani's secret love (thanks to peanuts and chockolates she brings after her flights)

We live in Kiev, which is the capital city of one of the former Soviet republics. I’ve noticed that if someone does know about Ukraine it is mostly due to Chernobyl (so I can’t mention that it is within a 2-hour ride from our house). Ukraine is difficult place to live in, and though we both had a number of chances of not living here – we have suddenly reached that point in our lives, when we became strangely patriotic and fell in love with our culture, landscapes and people.
view from the top floor of the block of flats next door More Kiev pictures
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