1 day ( family routine) Monday, December 27-th, 2004         Click here for Russian!
9:00 Dad is on sick-leave today so no one is scared to be late to work. We wake up in a smelly and wet bed - all four of us though I remember pretty well that last night there were just two of us. And it was dry. Mom takes her breakfast in bed today - to heal the normal trauma caused by Katie’s peing all over the place.
9:30 The action is gradually transferred to the kids room. Dad plays with Sani and mom leaves for work. Katie, freshly-nursed, is happy in her crib.
10:00 Mom finally leaves - Sani is stuck to the monitor and Katie, showing no signs of her morning sleep, sits on her daddy's arms.
12:30 Mom is back. There was an offer to come to London as an interpreter - but Katie is to little to go without nursing. We have lunch and Katie gets her 10 spoonfuls of apple juice.
13:30 we a re getting ready to go for a walk. The air is +3 (Celsius). Sani decided not to go, but when we were at the doorway changes his mind. Too late! So he says in with dad.
14:00 The only advantage of living in the outskirts of the big city - is the abundance of places where you can walk.
15:00 Katie dozed off jut for 20 minutes. We walked several blocks and are on the way back home. The place looks really dull.
16:00 Back hoe Kaie still refuses to sleep. She is tired and irritated, so she refused to lay in her crib, or the baby-seat, or on the floor. Dads arms is the only compromise. Nursing does not help either.
18:30 Supper time. Katie is still with us. Sani runs off to play computer games
19:45 The little one is finally asleep. Sani brushes his teeth - which is the ony hygienic procedure he does not appose to in any way.
20:15 Bed time. Today the reading is done by dad.
20:45 Too good to be true. They're asleep. Booth o'em...

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